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 Your Advantage

What if you could improve your team's quality of patient care within the senior care system? And, what if you could monitor patient activities of daily living more easily?
What if those ADLs give you incredible insights (you don't have today) to shift from a reactive elder care approach to a proactive one?

See how your facility can have the competitive advantage and be the differentiator within the senior care marketplace, with integrated technology services from One Point by Remote Home Check. 

Why Choose Us

There's been a lot of talk over the past few years about the Internet of Things (IoT). Specifically, how it can literally transform elderly care. But, no tech companies have offered a way for facilities like yours to aggregate all the necessary data surrounding ADLs and IADLs and put them into easy-to-consume insights and meaningful admin and/or team action items. Or have they? 

This is why you should choose us. Partnering with One Point is going to be your game changer!

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Embrace Integrated Smart Technology

Imagine as an admin having to spend less time communicating with families and being able to reallocate that time to more important or even urgent executive tasks. How? Simply set up which patient alerts will notify the family, and we'll take care of the rest. 


You Don't Have to Install Updates

That might seem a little crazy, but we handle all of them remotely from the back end. 'Nuff said.


We Want to Improve the Human Experience

With many of our own loved ones retired and aging, some aging in place, while others have in-home care or have made the transition to a senior living facility, we are passionate about enhancing the quality of people's lives.

Installation Handled

To ensure timely and proper installation, our team of experts handles the hardware installation quickly and efficiently. And, our installation team is 5 star rated.

One Point

Configuring One Point to meet the needs of your facility is hassle-free. We work with you from the beginning to understand your pain points and ensure a painless set up.

Get Up and Running
in Days Not Weeks

Depending on the size of your facility, you could be up and running in as little as 3 business days. No long and drawn out processes.
How does that sound?